Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Examples of the Different Types of Reasoning

Reasoning by Analogy- Students are like worker bees because they are constantly studying and doing work for their classes.
Sign Reasoning- When the fire alarm is going off in the kitchen, something is burning.
Casual Reasoning- The girls all got food poisoning when they were at the restaurant. They all ordered different entrees but had the same appetizer so they must have gotten sick from the appetizer.
Reasoning by Criteria- My friend likes giraffes so I sent her a giraffe birthday card.
Reasoning by Example- You should really learn how to cook. My dad never learned so now he has to rely on my mom for just about every meal throughout the day.
Inductive- Every morning I wake up and make my bed before I do anything else so tomorrow morning when I wake up, I will make my bed before anything else.0020
Deductive- All students must take English 1A/B and pass the WST in order to enroll in upper division courses. Julie is a student at SJSU therefore she must take English 1A/B and pass the WST in order to begin her upper division courses.


  1. I like your examples for the different types of reasoning for this post! Your example for reasoning by analogy could definitely relate to everyone in our class because we're all students working hard to earn our passing grade. Your example for sign reasoning is really good as well because the fire alarm only goes off from detecting smoke, so that would be a good argument. Your example of casual reasoning reminds me of myself because many of us have experienced food poisoning somewhere. I had a hard time understanding reasoning by criteria, but I honestly think your example made it much better for me to understand the points! Your example reasoning is surely going to apply to many of our parents because it's the stereotype that only women does the cooking. Good job on inductive and deductive reasoning examples as well. Overall, you did excellent on your examples because it can sure relate to every one of us!

  2. I enjoyed reading your examples of each of the different types of reasoning in an argument. I like how you were organized with your entry because it made it a lot clear and easy to understand and read. I think you did an excellent job on creating example that students in the class may relate to. I enjoyed reading and getting a better understanding of casual reasoning. When I was creating my examples for each of the reasoning, I found it a bit difficult to come up with an example. Overall, I think you did a great job on each example. It was well written!

  3. Hey good blog post! I really enjoyed reading it. I was really able to relate to your reason by analogy because I am also a hard working student trying to receive passing grades from all my teachers. I also really liked how you set up and formatted your blog because it was different than every one else's. I wrote mine about one individual reasoning, but in yours you explained each individual reason and gave a great example of each also. This made it very easy to understand and grasp the concept of. Overall you did an excellent job and deserve whatever good grade you get. :)